Network security is any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. Effective network security manages access to thenetwork. It targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network. Grantha has been providing excellent Network security service for the couple of years. 

"Cybersecurity is becoming the most important security topic of the future – particularly in the age of digitalization"
Ludmila Morozova-Buss
Cyber Security expert

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

  • Next-Generation Firewall in the industry’s defining network security platform

    • Instantly find and stop attacks with a fully automated platform that simplifies security.

      • Staying on the cutting edge

      • Intel and automation to prevent attacks

      • Total visibility and consistent protection

      • Adopt best practices for prevention

    • Protect consistently, everywhere

      • Secure the Data Center

      • Secure the Branch

      • Protect the Network Perimeter

      • Harsh Environments

    • Threat Prevention Services

      • Strengthen your security by removing complexity with integrated innovations

        • Put the machine learning to work for you

        • Automatically detect and stop unknown attacks

        • Deep threat insight for precise analysis

        • Eliminate threats at every stage of an attack

        • Safe web access for all users

      • Eliminate disconnected point-products with fully automated platform that simplifies security

        • Simple cloud-based management

        • Intuitive user experience

        • Lightweight, non-disruptive agent

        • Endpoints secured, everywhere

        • Stop endpoint attacks before they get started

        • Comprehensive endpoint protection and response

        • Stops malware, exploits and ransomware by observing attack techniques

        • Uses machine learning and AI to automatically detect and respond to sophisticated attacks.

        • Includes WildFire® malware prevention service to improve accuracy and coverage.

        • Provides a single lightweight agent for protection and response.

        • Protects endpoints while online and offline, on network and off.

        • Stops malware and ransomware

        • Provides behavior-based protection

        • Blocks exploits and fileless attacks

        • Coordinates enforcement with network and cloud

        • Detect and respond to sophisticated attacks

Cisco Meraki

Grathna is the authorized cisco partner in Nepal with an official agreement to resell it’s high quality Network Security devices and solutions. Grantha Networks has already deployed several Network security solutions using Cisco Meraki devices. We have been able to satisfy a number of high level enterprises and are committed to toll this number to a global approach.

Our highly satisfied clients prefer Grantha for Cisco’s integrated services mainly due the following reasons –

  • Robust Security Policy Enforcement
  • Enforce Restrictions and Deploy Network Settings
  • Rapid Provision Devices
  • Tagging Mobile Devices
  • Remotely Deploy Apps and Software
  • Scalable Endpoint Configuration
  • Analyze Network Activity
  • Unified Multi-Platform Device Management
  • Asset and Inventory Management
  • Enterprise Connectivity

For Product Demo:

Call on: +977 01.4012.678 / 01.4012.679


Cell: +977.98510.14720

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Grantha Networks is authorized partner for Sonic Wall in Nepal.
Grantha Networks has deployed lots of Sonic Wall devices around the Nepal.
Basically, Grantha Networks prefer Sonic Wall devices for the following reason
  1. Superior wireless performance and range
    1. Enhanced signal quality
    2. Increased wireless reliability
    3. FairNet wireless bandwidth allocation
      2. Comprehensive wireless security
      1. Deep packet inspection technology
      2. Granular security policy enforcement
      3. Virtual access point segmentation
      4. Wireless intrusion detection and prevention
      5. Cloud access control list
  2. Easy setup and centralized WLAN management
    1. Flexible wireless deployment options
    2. Broad standards and protocols support
    3. Multiple hardware platforms
    4. Low total cost of ownership

For Product Demo:

Call on: +977 01.4012.678 / 01.4012.679
Cell: +977.98510.14720
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