Grantha Traineeship is an elaborated step by step working plans for technical manpower who wish to work on this field. Traineeship at Grantha is a perfect opportunity for you to be job ready and confident at your work deliveries. We provide you with a wide range of training materials, on-site knowledge as well as a market ready approach to learning and working on Networking field.

Traineeship at Grantha is pre planned, extensive and very well synchronized in order to test the full working potential of an individual aspiring to make a career in the field of Networking. The payment taken for the course is reasonable and qualitative. The overall program can be illustrated in three functional steps marked by an evaluation and field work at every level of competence.

A traineeship gives you the opportunity to:

Learn about Networking and it’s real time practices ;
Gain valuable work experience ;
Develop new skills and refine others;
Apply knowledge gained from coursework to on-the-job situations;
Reality-test tentative career choices;
Meet and work with professionals;

establishing contacts for letters of reference and networking;
Experience new work environments;

The Traineeships can generally be taken at the time of requirement and on demand. The basic time for the program is about three months and the trainees learn only for 20 hrs/week(half the internship time) students are advised to work no more than 20 hours a week and  we promise you to prepare  for the market during the same peri.od

You may join the program even if you have a limited knowledge of  Networking because it can be developed overtime. It is expected though, that the Traineeship participant captures the concept properly, deliver his work efficiently and does have a basic understanding of Networking concepts. One can develop the understanding of networking concepts overtime because the whole point of this program is to learn and excel.

Yes, anyone getting training on Grantha Networks will be receiving a fully acclaimed Certificate and a Letter of Recommendation from their representative. The letter issued by Grantha will be of national recognition and effectiveness.

You will be a part of rigourous, robust and hardworking team at Grantha to start with. This is not just a training centre, this is your complete learning platform. There will be a well planned set of classes and working structures for all the individual working as an trainee at Grantha. They will be assisted with your work by their respected supervisor and will also counsell on the individual’s choice of career as per the observations. There will be a sound trainings on work ethics and professionalism.

Trainees at Grantha do not receive any salary during their working period. They have to pay for the programs instead. They will be paid only if they manage to secure a job at Grantha after the completion of this program.

You need to personally visit the grantha office in order to receive and fill up an application which after filled may provide you with Grantha Traineeship.

Representatives from Grantha will place you a phone call and send you an email to notify you if you’re eligible or not. Possible trainees can call Grantha Networks anytime to know about their application. You can also send a follow up e-mail at to know about the selection process and your application status.