Wireless access is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity. Good Wireless access is one of the primary things to provide while starting the new busines. Grantha Networks has extensive experience in designing, deploying and maintaining Wireless LAN, and has deployed literally hundreds of endpoints in corporate environments including Bank, Government Offices, Hospitals. Grantha Networks has performed dozens of site assessments and implemented hundreds of Wireless Access Points throughout the nation. Grantha Wireless Solutions include the site assessments, access point installation, antennas, outdoor wire mesh, intrusion prevention and providing customized, reliable connectivity.

“Installing massive amounts of wireless devices into every city may eventually be proven to be a global weather modification system.”
Steven Magee


Cisco Meraki

Grantha Networks is authorized partner for Cisco Meraki in Nepal.

Grantha Networks has deployed literally dozens of Cisco Meraki Wirelss Solutions in Nepal. Within the last few years Granths has deployed numbers of Cisco Meraki Wirelss Solutions in various Organizaiton.

Basically, Grantha Networks prefer Cisco Meraki for the following reason.

  • Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Networking solution.
  • Good Product Profilio
  • Secure and trusted by many
  • Focus on your core business and let Cisco Meraki manage your network
  • Simple licensing model that works
  • Deployed in Minutes
  • Outstanding User Experience
  • Powerful features enabled by the cloud architecture

For Product Demo:

Call on: +977 01.4012.678 / 01.4012.679

Email: demo@grantha.com.np

Cell: +977.98510.14720

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Ubiquiti Networks

Grantha Networks has been working with the implementation of Juniper Router and switches for Enterprise level network architecture and other networks since two years professionally.

It has also been authorized as a Juniper partner to sell the networking products and the services that come integrated along with it. As most of the network professionals at Grantha are Juniper certified, The integration of solution has come further as feasible. The benefits that are entertained to the clients for installing Routing and switching modules from Juniper with Grantha Network’s  can be listed as follows:

●       Intuitive User Interfaces

●       Smooth Network synchronization

●       Budget friendly to Small and Medium sized Enterprises

●       Availability of proper materials for training and deployments

●       Trusted by major enterprises all across the globe

●       Scalable Router and Switches with a global integration protocols

For Product Demo:

Call on: +977 01.4012.678 / 01.4012.679

Email: demo@grantha.com.np

Cell: +977.98510.14720

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